Ashes and Memories

Ashes&Memories Cover-Final

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“… a powerful story of love and grief. A must-read for fans of historical western romance. …a fast, well-told story of love and redemption.”–Romance Communications

“… an intense and thoroughly enjoyable read … well-plotted and well written. Reece and Emma are well-matched. The minor characters are well-developed and add to the story. The conflict between Reece and Emma meshes with the external plot and brings the story to a conclusion that satisfies and is absolutely right. 5 Stars and Reviewers Choice!”–Scribes World Reviews

“— a powerful story of love and grief… done with a depth of intensity that was at times heartbreaking… a fast, well-told story of love and redemption.” –Terrie Fugueroa, RomCom Reviews





Reece McBride left the south after the war with nothing but ashes and memories. He’s built himself a new world around the credo, “Never care deeply about anything you can’t bear to lose it.” He didn’t reckon on a lady journalist digging into his affairs or his past. Emma Parker is a journalist, and a journalist fights for the truth. And no sweet talking scoundrel is going to make her compromise her principles. Emma’s determined quest for the salvation of Reece’s soul is matched only by Reece’s painful struggle to be the man Emma believes him to be.



With a deep breath, she stepped across the threshold, averting her gaze from the devilish gleam in his golden eyes. Gazing down at the expensive oriental carpet, she started to check her boots for mud but decided he deserved a muddy rug for what he’d done.

“Shall I leave the door open?” he asked.

Emma turned to face him, her heart catching in her throat. She hadn’t realized she’d stopped so close to him, so close the power of his virility overwhelmed her.

Somehow he’d seemed larger out in the open, more solid. In fact, he was lean, his muscles long and smooth.

His tousled hair made him look younger, as did his relaxed features. Perhaps it was the dim lighting that softened the lines of his angular face. Whatever the cause, the result was a rakish beauty that stole the anger from her heart and rendered her incapable of responding for an instant.

Suspenders disappeared over his broad shoulders and held the dark gray trousers that hugged his lean hips and strong thighs. She tried to swallow, but her mouth had gone dry.

Emma shrugged in a feeble attempt to appear calm, hoping he couldn’t see the rapid rise and fall of her breathing. “Suit yourself,” she managed to say.

Reece laughed and stepped away from the door, leaving it open. She had moved as far into the room as she dared. The thought of him standing between her and the door unsettled her, though she couldn’t say why. Despite the amusement he was enjoying at her expense right now, he had always behaved like a gentleman, at least on the surface.