From This Day Forward

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“From This Day Forward shines! It stirred my blood and kept me on the edge of my seat! This one will take your breath away! Gloria Miller” — Literary Times

“…a fantastic book.”
Bell, Book & Candle

“…a beautiful story with strong, compelling characters… I recommend this to all who believe in true love winning out.” THE TIME MACHINE






After building a coffee empire in the Amazon Valley, Jason Sinclair asks his cousin in New Orleans to find a bride for him and marry her by proxy. What he wants is a young, innocent bride who will give him the heir he desires and otherwise stay out of his way. What he gets is Caroline Marshall Sinclair, a young widow who wants to be more a part of Jason’s life than he ever imagined. Believing she is the perfect bride for Jason, despite the fact that she doesn’t fit any of his criteria, this mail order bride embarks on an adventure filled with peril – physical and emotional. When this irresistible force (Caroline) meets this immovable object (Jason), nothing will ever be the same from this day forward.


Caroline fought the urge to cover herself against the warmth of his gaze on her exposed flesh. Perhaps she had been too bold this time, but she had to do something if she wanted to stay here. No one was going to convince Jason Sinclair he didn’t know his own mind, but perhaps she could sway his senses by showing him what he would miss when she was gone. And perhaps if she could make him desire her, she could make him love her.

You have almost every young man you meet wrapped around your little finger, but you always want the one who can resist your charms, her father had told her more than once. And whether that was true or not didn’t matter in the least. All she knew was that she wanted this man, God help her, despite his gruff, irascible manner. And she would not get on that mail boat and return to New Orleans in defeat, not without a fight.

Tension crackled in the scant space between them. Caroline’s breath became shallow. She wanted him to touch her, to kiss her again.

He had asked her a question, a bitter question, but she couldn’t answer. Her throat had tightened and her mind had stopped functioning altogether.

“Run out of clever retorts?” he whispered.


Her words drifted away unspoken as he ran a finger along the line of her collar bone, the gentle fire in his fingertips melting what was left of her composure. A dizzying desire possessed her body as he lowered his head, the soft warmth of his breath touching her parted lips. Gasping for air, Caroline felt her body melting into a pool of mindless longing. It didn’t matter that he’d been cruel to her earlier. Nothing mattered but Jason and the terrifying demands of her own body.